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The main goals of our project are to increase the level of chemical education, as well as to enable any user to conduct simple experiments. For this purpose, we created a high-quality chemistry virtual laboratory. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our program!

The immersion IT project “ChemIT” allows you to simulate a chemical laboratory.

Our project is a training software for chemistry. This software is a high-quality and convenient demonstration material in chemistry lessons. it contains a huge number of transformations that can be shown to students, make experiments by yourself, and/or you can display it on a school projector for visual demonstrations of the subject. The program also allows you to visually study the subject through interactive lessons and consolidate the material passed on special tasks, some of which are dedicated to preparing for the unified state exam.
The virtual laboratory has added more than 300 chemicals and about 700 chemical reactions, as well as dozens of objects that can be interacted with.
The graphics and effects in the experiments are as close to reality as possible, and the program has simple and intuitive user interfaces.


Interactively conduct chemical experiments in a virtual laboratory
Demonstrate and study the variety of chemical transformations
Learn theoretical and practical chemistry through lessons in a playful way
To fix the passed material on tasks and exercises
Perform knowledge and testing slices


Minimum Technical Requirements
Intel Pentium Celeron
GForce GTX750ti
Disk space 1,075 MB

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Unreal Engine

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